Friday, July 11, 2008

Bon Odori

Apparently there is a Bon Odori festival happening in Shah Alam tomorrow evening. I REALLY want to go, but I’ve already made my weekend arrangements, which I can’t change, already!

I have this Transformation Game in the afternoon. Its something to do with discovering yourself kinda workshop, but they have something of a board game for it. So its meant to be fun. So since I will be out, I made arrangements for the cleaning service to come and clean the house cos then hubby will be at home.

The Bon Odori thingy opens their gates at 5pm and the event starts at 7pm. Apparently parking is a BIG problem and arriving late is not an option.

I recently bought a new camera body, am a NIKON user now y’all!!... so I really want to have a go at it and the Bon Odori is a great opportunity.

ALAAAAA I REALLY wanna go!!!!


citykoos said...

waaa!! wat did u do with ur EOS?? avail for sale? *wink*wink*

Baby Mits said...

I still have my EOS believe or not. Too sayang to part with it. hehe.... not for sale at the moment la :D

citykoos said...

hiya.. u chronic cameraphilliac (i dont think that's a word) hahaha ;> lunch?

Baby Mits said...

haha good one!