Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Its bursting!!!

No, not my pants…. But it almost is!

No, I’m talking about my wardrobe! When I moved into my house, I ordered a built in 8 door floor to ceiling wardrobe. 4 doors for hubby, and 4 doors for me. I thought, that should be enough space for me.

3 years down the line, and its bursting!!! Funny thing is that I really don’t shop as much as some people I know. Like seriously. I have clothes that I’ve worn over and over for the last 9 years I’ve been working. I’m not one who would have something new every week from Zara (though I like to!). But still, my wardrobe is bursting!!

I have endless baby ts which I don’t wear as often as I should. Nak buang, sayang. Nak simpan its far too many!

So I decided on a quick fix and to get a HUGE chest of drawers. I saw a good one at ikea. Usually, I would not get furniture from ikea cos I think it’s a bit too expensive, but the one I saw seem to be quite a good deal. I plan to move my jeans and baby ts, golfing clothes, workout clothes and pjs in there. With the new made space, I get to organize my expanding collection of handbags! I’m nuts about bags.

With the new chest of drawers in mind, now I have to rise funds for it.

Donations are now open. Feel free to drop me a penny or more. Proceeds goes towards a 3 ft, 4 deep drawer chest of drawers :)


citykoos said...

ur wardrobe dah penuh??? dat humongous thing in ur room is full?? r u nuts? next time u say u have no baju i will "smack" u! hahaha, well, dats what shah said to me when i complain no baju; "tu yang berlambak kat dalam wardrobe tu apa?" aarrghh.. men, they just dun get it..

Baby Mits said...

hehe yea... sudah penuh. But its full of rubbish. Old tees and such.

Haha! men indeed have no clue. I agree. I don't think acai has any clue to my obsession with bags.

BTW aren't u still at Kuantan enjoying the beach??