Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cup of tea?

Funny thing when I was studying in England, I never fancied tea. I hardly drank any tea at all. The only tea I ever drink is chinese tea, or Japanese Green tea. Oh but yes, I did drink PG Lipton's tea ocassionally, only because I found the ad amusing. It was about a family of chimpanzees who dressed up as a mom, dad and I think there were few little ones too and drank tea. 

During my trip to Uzbekistan last year, it was as though, tea was re-introduced to me. They drink a lot of tea there. And they would usually have it in a pot and served them in little tea cups, like those chinese tea cups. Yes, they had quite a bit of chinese influence there. And, they would usually have their tea with lemon and sugar. They would have it at every meal. Its like their main drink. Their favourite brand of tea, happens to be Ahmad Tea.

Now I was in England for 5 years. And I've never heard of Ahmad Tea when I was there. Then again, I was not a tea drinker. So apparently Ahmad Tea is a big deal and is a famous English tea brand. So I loved the whole life style (and I also loved the tea of course hehe) of having a pot of hot lemon tea after dinner. So I went to Giant the other day, and bought some Ahmad Tea, Earl Grey flavour (do they call it a flavour, or brew, or what?) and some lemons and decided to make some for hubby at home. I had a chinese tea set, so I thought, how nice to have it just like at Tashkent :)

So I made hubby some hot lemon tea and he loved it. I would say, its nothing incredibly different, but it seemed special making your own pot at home. I don't like tea usually because it has a bitter and "sticky" after taste. But Ahmad Tea is smooth and nice. Of course, its double the price of your regular Boh or Lipton tea.

So, as I type this blog, am sipping on hot lemon tea, feeling very English and posh :D

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