Saturday, February 28, 2009

Holiday again!

Yay am going to Melbourne! Am going to Melbourne! Am going to Melbourne!

I am SO excited. I love Australia, can't wait!

Hubby will be going for the GP in Melbourne and I am there to take advantage of the free accomodation and his allowances hehe :D My ticket is going to be free too, well almost. We will be using hubby's Enrich points to get my ticket (I keep blogging about how I hate Enrich and MAS in my previous blogs but I can't seem to avoid using them!). The fuel surcharge and whatever taxes comes up to a total of RM978. Thats not too bad kan. I thought there is no more fuel surcharge? Air Asia's stop charging. Tsk tsk...

I checked Air Asia, they return flight costs RM 1780. Way too much for me to pay at this time.
Anyway, I'm putting together my itinerary. I would got about 4 full days there, I think it should be enough.

Ooooh best!!!!! Yay yay yay!!

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