Saturday, February 28, 2009

Papa Kopitiam, Dataran Sunway

Hubby and I played golf at Staffield Golf Club near Seremban today. We decided to have a kopitiam brunch before our long drive to the golf club.

For my main course I chose the chicken and prawn hor fun. Hubby had the same. I do occassionally crave for this, so I thought I try this to see if it is any good. It turned out to be not too bad. Quite delicious. There was plenty of chicken and the prawns were quite fresh.

As I was really hungry I also ordered the vegetarian pau. It was yummy! The pau was freshly made, warm, fluffy and very soft. The vegetarian filling was delicious. Its basically a vegetarian BBQ siu pau. Though I would usually have the BBQ chicken siu pau and not the pork one :)

We also ordered the deep fried foo chuk. Hubby liked it, I did not fancy it that much.
Of course to wash it all down, we had the iced coffee. Very yummy!

Oh yes, the game went pretty well too:) 

Hubby bought me a spanking new driver for my anniversary present. BIG BERTHA babeh! It was NICE. My drives were definitely further and effortless. Score wise, I did not play incredibly well. I definitely still need to improve on my short game. Causes me at least 2 strokes everytime I bugger up my pitching sheeesh. My long shots were not too bad though and my long iron shots behaved reasonably well today :)

We did not manage to finish the game as it began to rain, short of 4 holes. Nevertheless, I am quite happy and I promise myself to hit the driving range more often.

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