Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jentayu Spa

I was meant to review Jentayu Spa, Bukit Damansara but forgot all about it! I've been busy and distracted with all sorts of stuff. Seriously, my attention span nowadays is just too short. I've got to do something about it.

Anyway, so hubby and I went to Jentayu Spa for Valentine's Day. My treat for hubby dearest who has not experienced a full spa treatment. What we had inline for us was a foot scrub, steam, body scrub, massage and flower bath. Its been ages since I've been to Jentayu, or rather it was called Puri Santi back then. Then again at that time I only went there for parties as Puri Santi rent out their beautiful Balinese back garden for this. Apparently they had changed owners, but with Sheila Majid still a shareholder. 

We arrived 15 minutes early, as instructed. We were ushered into the bungalow, and down a flight of stairs where the spa was. The bungalow is one of those that is built down into a slope, rather than upwards.

We first had our foot scrub, which I found ticklish. It was basically a simple foot bath with flowers and the masseuse scrubbed our feet with a little brush. Then we were told to get changed for the steam bath. We get a separate room each. When we got into our towels, we were led to a steam room. Both of us were not big fans of steaming ourselves, so got up and out of there before it was time! So the masseuse found us outside the steam room goofing around. They promptly sent us to our rooms to begin our treatment. 

Our rooms consists of a massage bed, which is also a tub. Its really interesting because the massage beds sits on top of the tub! Cleverly hidden as the tub was made to look like a very large slab of concrete. Also in our room was a shower and some water feature. It has an outdoor type feeling, but not really. The room looks a little run down and needs a little bit of maintenance. But I suppose it could pass of as being rustic.

Then we had our body scrub. Mine was honey something, while hubby's was herb something. Did not quite remember what it was exactly. It was nice nevertheless. When we were done, we were told to shower before we began with the massage.

My masseuse had really strong hands for a little lady! I had to keep telling her to reduce the pressure. I did not quite enjoy the massage at all. It was uncomfortable, painful and not the "relaxing" type of massage. Hubby did not seem to enjoy it either.

After the massage, we had our flower bath. The massage bed was quickly transformed into a tub. I was also given ginger tea while I soaked. This was probably the most relaxing bit of the whole treatment.

Both of us did come out rejuvenated despite the painful massage. Our skins were nicely exfoliated and extremely smooth. Its my first time with a honey scrub, I usually opt for the Indonesian Lulur.

Jentayu needs a lot of work I think. First thing first, they need to have better customer service. The girls there seemed like they were left to their devices and good smiley service was definitely not there. The massage rooms needs a bit of maintenance. The massage needs to be the relaxing type I think. It seemed more of like a traditional malay type of massage which is meant for treating aching muscles rather than relaxation.

I don't think I will be going back there anytime soon.

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