Monday, December 07, 2009

Our Antenatal Class at Prince Court Hospital (PCMC)

We enjoyed it tremendously! It was an all day session, with hour long talks on topics like nutrition, breastfeeding, managing labour pain, mental health during and post pregnancy, exercises and breathing techniques. Most of the information we are able to get on the website anyway, but I feel that it was more meaningful going through it with hubby. It was like a bonding kind of thing and also I wanted him to feel "included" in the pregnancy.

We had fun in the breathing and exercise session. Both of us get to practice the techniques together. They also taught us some back massages which is definitely very essential to me! My back is killing me at the moment! We had a good laugh with the hoo-hoo-haaaa breathing technique for the second stage of labour. Though I think we probably won't be laughing that hard when the real time comes!

Best of all, we had a tour of the labour room and maternity wards. The rooms are definitely gorgeous and very comfortable! Best of all I love the labour room. It looks just like the normal maternity ward but with baby receiving equipment! Complete with wifi and flat screen tv, guarantees to keep you entertained while you push haha!! To me, it is great to keep me occupied during (probably) long labor. The wifi connection would definitely help keep me occupied with Farmville, Fishville and Cafe World hihi! It had a comfy couch for the dads, which I believe is convertible to a sofa bed for those long labor nights. The midwives were there to show us the room and they were really friendly and makes you feel relaxed. Looked like they have a good sense of humor too which is important! The nursery looks great. Of course being a new hospital everything looked spanking new. We are definitely excited to deliver at PCMC!

Now whats left is to switch over from DSH to PCMC. We love Dr. Guna at DSH but seriously the hospital is so run down. We've been to see the labor room, and I don't see myself giving birth there. It had a very narrow bed with no other chair for the spouse to sit down. Defintiely no wifi and flat screen tv! Sounds like a spoilt brat? Well, if those facilities are made available, of course go for it la! Company pay summore! Malaysia Boleh kan! Hihi.

We are thinking of switching over to PCMC and go with Dr. Seri Suniza at the start of the 3rd trimester. I am so sad having to say good bye to Dr. Guna. He is such a sweet and caring dr.


Drama Queen said...

I heard Dr. Paul in Prince is very good!

Mum-to-be said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I love Dr Guna too, he was really good.