Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pregnancy and fitness

I generally like to remain active while I'm pregnant. No I'm not one of those health freaks but I feel so I much more energetic when I keep active.

In my first pregnancy I did pregnancy yoga at Fit For 2. I also still did my photoshoots until I was 5 months pregnant.

This time around being pregnant with twins I'm still doing the same. Yoga at Fit For 2, still doing shoots and swimming. I did consult my doctor first but was told to slow down during my 3rd trimester.

I feel energised and great. However this time round I do feel that my pregnancy is more difficult and heavy compared to my last. I suppose carrying two babies at once ain't a walk in the park! We do what we can to stay active and well.

Am already in my 5th month and feeling so heavy and full. 4 more to go?!

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