Thursday, May 17, 2012

We finally found our dream home!

What a lucky year its been! We will be expecting our twins, as well as moving into our new home!

After years and years of search and research and calculating our finances, finally we found our dream home. Yes, its not only a home, it is a DREAM home. Its got lots of square feet, a walk in wardrobe and plenty of space for my kitchen island! All that I ever wanted! Its got lots of garden space for the kids to run around and lots of room for our young family to grow up in.

Our new dream home is located not far from where we currently leave. We did not want to move out of our zip code as it is so so convenient. With good schools and amenities all around, it is such a lovely area to live in.

We love our current house to bits and I feel quite sad that we have to move. It is such a nice neighborhood but alas it is far too small for our growing family. As it is now, it is only just nice for the three of us and our nanny.

Alhamdullilah for all this rezeki. After all the challenges we faced in the past few years, slowly things are falling into place. Words just cannot describe the gratitude and rezeki that has been bestowed upon us. We never thought that we could even have children, now we will be expecting three! And who would have thought that a dream home will come into the picture too!

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