Tuesday, June 19, 2012

5th month check up

I had my check up at 22 weeks and the twins are growing very well. We know the genders now! We are getting a pair! What a blessing!!

On my right side is the girl and my left is the boy. The girl was sucking on her thumb when we were scanning her! I was so excited to have caught it and managed to get a good shot on the scanner. The boy was upside down facing away from the scanner so we could not see his face. Only his back and arms was visible.

Dr recons that I will deliver early Oct, 3 weeks earlier than my EDD and I have to start slowing down and have more rests as early as Aug. Thats just a little more than a month from now!

I do feel very uncomfortable and heavy despite being only 22 weeks. But there are good and bad days. I look ridiculously large especially compared to my yoga classmates who are some probably more advanced in their pregnancy than me!
Anyhow we are super excited to see the babies. So far we have not done any shopping yet. Not gotten our stroller nor the car seat. Lots of people recommend to let the twins sleep on the same cot for a few months at first so we will do just that.

Now to get Ayden to sleep on his own!
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