Tuesday, July 03, 2012

24 weeks pregnant with twins

And yes it gets heavier but somehow a bit more comfortable than the last few weeks. Maybe the boy who was upside down turned around. I've got no more pelvic pains! We'll see. My next appointment is next week.

Since I'm so large this time round, and I got a few months to go, I had to buy proper maternity clothes. I was so chuffed as there was an Ibu Bazaar 2 weeks back and I had a skirt, a dress and a swim suit for RM 70! Also with the Mega sale going on right now, I managed to get 3 maternity dresses from Gingersnaps for RM30 each! And that's a HUGE bargain!

So the maid's gone back for her holidays. She will be away for almost 3 weeks and we have to cope without her! So far we have survived day one with getting Ayden ready for school and even making it to work on time! Let's see how the rest o the week holds up.

We've also managed to get the twin's stroller as it was on sale so may as well grab it. 20% off is a lot. We bought the Peg Perrego Aria which is so so light!

We are in the look out for a bed for Ayden. Ikea's got a few fun ones. We want something that has a pull out bed at the bottom as well.

So we're trying to buy a little at a time. There isn't much that needs to be bought. There's plenty of clothes from Ayden and lots of hand me downs too. The twins are blessed.

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