Saturday, July 07, 2012

25 weeks pregnant with twins

We had our check up today, one week earlier than scheduled as Dr. Guna was apparently going on leave on our original date.

Th twins are looking good and are around 600-700gm each. They are also very active and growing well. Weight so far is 66kg. According to the doc, it's ok. To me, it's alarming! It was the weight I gave birth the last time!

We discussed timelines and dr recons that I could deliver as soon as end Sept. So I am to start taking short mc's beginning Sept. and then maybe fully on leave from week of 22 Sept. To be honest I don't mind going on leave fully beginning Sept!!

I am feeling more comfortable these few weeks. No more pelvic pains and I can walk much better. I've got a super good massage lady who is able to come to the house and she gives GREAT massages! Which really helps with the aches and pains. So far no back pains, but only aches in my calves and shoulders.

I still get strangers asking me when I am due. I must be so terrifyingly huge to them. And am only 6 months!

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