Tuesday, July 10, 2012


No my maid didn't run away. She went home for her holiday. And we are coping just fine! Imagine that!

Ayden had started school so hubby will wake up and give him a bath. Meanwhile I'll get Ayden's clothes out and then I'll take a bath. By the time I'm done, Aydens already dressed and daddy can take his bath. Then I'll take Ayden downstairs and make him his sandwich for his snack time and get his school bag ready. By then daddy's already showered and we're good to go!

Ayden's grandparents would pick him up from school and bring him home and give him his lunch. At the end of the week I'll sort out all the laundry and in betweens I'll make sure the dishes are done. Ok the cheating part is that grandma cooks us all dinner which really helps, but hey we all need a hand don't we?

Now to get the weekend cleaners to clean the house. It's not that bad after all! But I really must give the credit to hubby, he really did a lot to chip in as with my current belly size, it's impossible to care for Ayden fully. Thankfully our maid (our nanny really. Cos she takes care of all of us) comes back next week! So in total she would have been away for almost 3 weeks.

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