Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Back to my old routine

I got relocated back to working in the city. I welcome the change with open arms despite the bad traffic and that it will break my pockets. Working in the city is so much more interesting !

I was working in Shah Alam previously and my god it so did not suite me lifestyle. First of all, there isn't much variety of food that is palatable to me. And I need to drive out to look for lunch. There is a cafeteria at the office but sometimes you'd want something different. Having worked at KLCC previously for more than 10 years, I was used to asking lunch breaks at the gym or simply taking a breather by strolling in the mall downstairs. Although I don't need to buy anything, it's a nice short break from the desk. Being at Shah Alam, well..... Where do I go?? Giant?! Which I do sometimes and guess what, the MPH does not even have any English titles there! Only Malay titles!!

Now I am based at Intermark and I am so relieved. Ok parking costs an arm and a leg but i just feel more at home.

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